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One Step at a Time

You know, the thing is, we have a lot we can learn from our children. This is not to say, boogers taste good, muddy shoes are best or we should EVER smell their hands. No. Yuck. Kids are gross. But, I will say, they do give us some valuable life lessons.

My son Peter is 4 years old. He's sassy, independent and he only has one volume setting that Jesus should have sent ear plugs for. But, he's also sweet, loving, and is quick to defend his mama or 4 sisters. He often makes comments that catch me off guard or leave me wondering how he has been instilled with such wisdom at such a young age.

2 weeks ago as we were outside of church, he was in his usual race to run off and beat everyone out of church and into the van (The very large van because......5 kids). What he didn't realize was there was a layer of ice under that thin layer of fresh fallen snow. He ran hard, and he fell hard...followed by his sister Gracie. No one was hurt and actually, they both sat there, butts on the snow and ice, deep belly laughing. They helped each other up, brushed each other off, and proceeded to jump in the van.

By the time I reached them, I asked if they were ok and if they had learned anything. Peter never missed a beat and said "I should probably slow down next time." I didn't think much about it as i loaded the other three kids in the car, but as I think about it now, how many of our mistakes in life could have been avoided if we would have just slowed down?

But is where the lesson (for me) was learned. We got to this patch of ice and he slowed right down, he waited for me and I said "be careful it might be slippery!" to which he responded "Its ok mama, we will just take one step at a time together."

"Its ok mama, we will just take one step at a time together."

This kept playing in my head over and over. How profound.....such a small soul.....such a wise see.... it took my 4 year old to get me to listen. To listen to God. How silly God had to speak through my child for me to pay attention and hear....really hear...what He was saying.

Several things in my life lately have me reeling. Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone? It sure doesn't feel very nice. I have gone into hiding for a few years now it seems. Lately I have been stepping out in faith. In what God has called me. This looks like some business expansion, as well as some new ministry work. And I will tell you is not comfortable. It sometimes is not even enjoyable. But is it ever?

Wouldn't it just be nice if God handed us an instruction manual? Like, "Here is what I want you to do, and here is each step and how it will turn out". Nope. Life doesn't work that way. Its often jumping off a cliff into the unknown, just knowing that if it was God's plan, there is no way He is letting you fall.

On the contrary, He is a loving God....He is a faithful God.....He is a knowing the outcome God.......He is a "Its ok, we will take one step at a time, together" God.

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