Know your farmer, know your food.

Meet the Springers

Stephen, Brittany, Savhannah, Gracie, Peter, Paisley, & Amelia


The More we learned about food from the store, the more concerned we got. So, we pulled up our bootstraps and started on a quest to feed our family the best. When word got out that we were going to a healthier and more sustainable way of living, others wanted a piece of the action (or at least a piece of the steak!). We saw that there was a local need for Good food. Not just tasting good, but nutrient dense, melt in your mouth pasture raised goodness! Here we are now, doing what we love and feeding your families the same way we feed ours; with goodness and integrity! Know your farmer, know your food!!




Our Chicken is raised on lush green pastures just the way your grandpappy did it!! Free to roam around and do what chickens do, they happily munch on green grass, bugs and organically grown grain!!


Know your farmer, know your food.

The produce is vast and beautiful! Grown with soil health and nutrient density at the forefront, our organically grown produce is sure to please the palate! We have a greenhouse as well as a high tunnel so we are able to have produce available outside of the traditional growing season! One of our best selling items is our CSA Shares. Unfortunately only available to locals, our 16 week vegetable subscription has been a crowd favorite for 2 years now and has only been expanding each year!



Our naturally leavened sourdough bread has been an art that Brittany has worked on for over 2 years before finally perfecting it. With simple ingredients (all organic) you can rest assured your family is getting only the best. Sourdough is partly fermented so it is easier for your digestive system. Our Wheat bread is actually made with organic wheat that we grew and ground ourselves! Talk about sustainable! We also have a commercial goat dairy operation where we milk about 500 goats year round……however much we wish there was an organic market for goat milk, there just isn’t around here. So while we are not milking organically, the milk is still delicious! We Ship our milk to Stickney Hill Dairy in Rockville, MN where they make some award winning goat cheeses. We are proud to be able to sell their cheese as well!!


Fresh air and sunshine does a body good! At least that’s what our pigs tell us!! Grown on lush green pastures and soy free, organically raised grain (grown by us) the flavor of our pork is an experience you have to taste to believe! And lets be honest…..bacon goes with everything!!!


Cows are ruminants…meaning they were meant to forage….so why are mainstream beef operations pouring the grain to animals that were never meant to eat it? This is one of our hot buttons and we are passionate about our beef! Raised strictly on chemical free/organically cared for pastures and organically raised hay (in the winter only), our beef are never given less than the best….and it shows!! The quality of our beef can not be matched!